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Disability support and aged-care with a difference

When choosing your support team, we know how important it is to be able to form a relationship with your support workers. You need to be able to trust that they understand you and your family and are truly invested in your quality of life. That’s why, when you choose a Mypower Foundations support worker, you can guarantee that you will be greeted by the same friendly face at each visit – the face of someone who connects with you, is committed to your goals and is receptive to your needs.

And your needs are YOUR needs. We understand the extremely individual nature of disability support and we specialise in catering to each person’s specific set of circumstances. Whatever your circumstances, we tailor the following services to help you enhance your life.

Domestic assistance

Keeping on top of the household chores and odd jobs can sometimes feel overwhelming. Don’t allow yourself to be uncomfortable in your own home! Mypower Foundations can take care of the more troublesome tasks for you or support you with things that you’d prefer not to do alone.

We can help with things like:

● Cleaning and putting on a load of laundry
● Shopping for groceries and cooking meals
● Maintenance work around the house or in the yard (this includes but is not limited to sweeping, vacuuming and gardening)
● Sorting and assisting you with managing paperwork
● Putting you in contact with the appropriate people if there is a bigger job that needs to be done.

Whether it’s short term support or something more ongoing, let us know how we can help.

Skill building, education and employment

From learning how to flex your muscles in the kitchen, to becoming more financially savvy, to building a job application, this category of support covers an almost limitless range of skills that are really just dependent on your personal interests and your goals. If there’s something you’d like to learn how to do, we want to make that happen.

Social groups and interests

Being active in the community is such a vital part of feeling connected and valued. Mypower Foundations helps you maintain those connections and even establish new ones so that your life is filled with enjoyment and purpose.

We can assist with things like:

● Finding local groups that share your interests (eg. book clubs, sporting clubs, charity organisations, theatre groups, art classes, etc)
● Exploring new ideas or activities with you to establish new interests and new opportunities to connect with others in the community
● Organising travel to and from events (eg. family or social gatherings, work obligations, recreational activities, etc)
● Attending events with you to offer whatever support you may need If you’re keen to maintain or improve your community connections, then we’ve got you covered.

Personal care

Whether you’re recently out of hospital and needing assistance transitioning back into home, or if you’re needing personal care support on a more regular basis, we handle each person’s circumstances with sensitivity and respect so that you can live independently and with dignity.
Personal care often involves support with things like:

● Bathing and toileting
● Dressing, personal grooming and hygiene
● Moving easily around the house

Whatever the circumstances, Mypower Foundations can support you in achieving the level of independence, comfort and confidence that you desire.

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