We go the extra mile to give you confidence and peace of mind

With Mypower Foundations, you get the personalised service,
the genuine care, and the above-and-beyond commitment of a small business.

We want to know you and we want you to know us

Kylie Korber and her team at Mypower Foundations are on a mission to run a disability and aged care support service that strips away the layers of management that many larger organisations have. Their vision is a personalised service where you can know the owner and the team and feel a sense of connection with them.

Easy access to support through open communication

Kylie and her team provide a service where support workers are easily accessible and where you can feel secure that you will receive the right support when you need it. With Mypower Foundations, you are never left feeling alone, in doubt or unsupported.

Continuity of support and emphasis on relationships

Kylie and her team realise the importance of providing you and your family with a consistent support worker so that a deep understanding of your individual circumstances and goals can be developed, as well as strong bonds of respect and collaboration. By providing this continuity of service, not only is support more tailored to your needs but also more enjoyable.

Total choice and control

Finally, Kylie and her team understand and embrace the unique power of small business. Being able to offer greater flexibility and less bureaucracy when it comes to your freedom of choice is essential to the philosophy of Mypower Foundations. They are able to put you in the driver’s seat and allow you to access support in the ways that best suit you and at the pace that is most comfortable.

The birth of Mypower Foundations

Mypower Foundations began in 2016 as “Betterlife Support”, with Kylie at the helm and as sole support provider. Since then, the business has expanded to include additional support workers, each of whom passionately uphold Kylie’s vision of unparalleled personalised support for older people and people with disabilities.

Blue Mountains, Penrith, Nepean and Hawkesbury regions

Mypower Foundations place particular emphasis on serving the people within their own
communities. Working throughout the Blue Mountains, Penrith, Nepean and Hawkesbury
regions, Kylie and her team are able to draw on their first-hand knowledge of the area and
their own personal connections to help optimise support for their clients.

We walk beside you on your journey

With Mypower Foundations at your side, you will:

Receive caring support that helps you achieve the independence and freedom you need to participate in society

Have an individualised support plan that allows for choice and flexibility as your needs, goals or ideas change

Be supported by friendly, passionate and professional support workers who have undergone rigorous screening checks

Are you ready to start your journey with us?

Discover our commitment to transparency, accountability, and excellence. Learn about our guiding policies and procedures.

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